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The National Pupil Premium Conference will explore the latest insights, research and best practice in delivering outstanding Pupil Premium interventions for all pupils to enhance attainment and support improved learning outcomes.

Attendees will gain key updates from leading experts and practitioners in supporting pupil progression, improving the impact of interventions to reduce barriers to learning and developing high quality strategies to narrow the attainment gap for all pupils. There will be dedicated streams for best practice interventions at primary and secondary stages, as well as for effectively deploying teaching assistants to support disadvantaged pupils.

The impact of the COVID-19 lockdown period on disadvantaged children and young people, and how to overcome this in the short and long term, will be a key focus of this year’s Conference. Considering how to best reach all pupils, discussions will include the implementation and impact of the £1 billion support package announced by the Department for Education in June 2020, including £350 million for the National Tutoring Programme and £650 million for schools specifically.



the latest insights on how all schools and local authorities can support outstanding Pupil Premium interventions


the updates to the 2020/21 funding allocations and provision for looked after children


how Ofsted assess the use of Pupil Premium spending and how this has developed within the new Education Inspection Framework


how schools can ensure value for money in the development of Pupil Premium spending


how to successfully identify, manage and overcome barriers to learning for pupils


how school leaders can measure and assess the impact of their Pupil Premium spending to drive improvement

This Conference is specifically designed for Primary and Secondary Schools, both Mainstream and Special Schools, as well as Local Authorities and Charities. This Conference is also open to the wider public sector, as well as the private sector to encourage networking and discussion. Typical job titles will include:

Deputy Headteachers
Assistant Headteachers
Heads of Inclusion
Heads of Pupil Premium
Pupil Premium Coordinators
Pupil Premium Champions
School Improvement Advisers
School Business Managers
School Business Managers
School Improvement Officers
Heads of Looked After and Adopted Children
Heads of Behaviour and Welfare

The Pupil Premium Conference 2020: The Online Experience

  • Live Q&As with sector leaders
  • Match-making networking and live meeting scheduling with delegates
  • Replay functions so you never miss a session
  • Live chat, questioning and polling tools
  • Real time resources and presentations
  • Dedicated discussion groups to network and collaborate with peers through the day
  • Next generation conference engagement platform
  • Real solutions, ideas and answers for all colleagues working in MFL teaching and learning
  • Varied formats and screen breaks to support an engaging experience
  • Post-event resources to facilitate implementation of key takeaways