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Supporting Disadvantaged Pupils Through COVID-19 and Beyond

Ahead of this year’s National Pupil Premium Conference, and the first in a series of webinars exploring support for disadvantaged pupils during this time of COVID-19, Sonia Blandford, Founder and CEO of Achievement for All, and Tony McAleavy, Research Director at Education Development Trust, joined IG Schools to discuss how the COVID-19 lockdown period has impacted disadvantaged children and young people, and what help is needed to help them catch-up on the lost learning time.

How is the Oak National Academy Supporting Disadvantaged Pupils?

Ahead of this year’s National Pupil Premium Conference, which will explore how the COVID-19 period has impacted the least advantaged children and young people, and how catch-up efforts can be most effective, Ian Bauckham CBE, Chair of the Oak National Academy, spoke to IG Schools in the latest Discussion Webinar about the establishment of the Oak National Academy.

Ian explored how the Academy is helping teachers and school leaders effectively support less advantaged pupils, and what the Oak National Academy is planning for the next academic year.