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Jo Hutchinson

Director for Social Mobility and Vulnerable Learners,
Education Policy Institute (EPI)

Jo joined EPI in March 2016. She graduated from the London School of Economics with a Masters (MPA) in Public and Economic Policy (with distinction) in 2005; her second year of post-graduate study was completed at Columbia University in New York where she undertook a concentration in education policy at the Teachers’ College. Jo’s background includes ten years as a statistician at the Department for Education, leading on major projects including the development and launch of the Disadvantage Attainment Gap Index, a world-first application of mean rank difference methodology to deliver standardized tracking of educational inequality across changing assessment measures; evidence for the London Mayor’s Education Inquiry; and international evidence for the National Curriculum Review.

  • Analysing the latest trends in overcoming the attainment as outlined in the EPI 2017 report Closing the Gap? Trends in Educational Attainment and Disadvantage
  • Evaluating the characteristics of pupils vulnerable to educational disadvantage and how schools can seek to target these groups to address the attainment gap
  • Outlining regional disparities in attainment performance and assessing how ‘cold spots’ for social mobility may be supported by the development of the DfE’s 12 Opportunity Areas to support improved outcomes for disadvantaged pupils
  • Exploring the continued attainment gap facing SEND pupils and assessing how pupil premium spending can more effectively deliver impact for disadvantaged SEND pupils